Understanding Locksmith Linguistics


If you’re like most people, there’s probably been a time when you’ve gone to the doctor, and the plethora of medical verbiage left you with more questions than you went in with. This is something everyone wants to avoid, especially when trying to understand something as important as their health. Unfortunately this occurs in the land of locksmithing as well, where understanding may be vital to the quality of your security.

Rolland, as a service provider, must then ask: “Can the customer truly be satisfied with the work we’ve done if they don’t know what was done?”  After all, we have all have been on the customer side of things once before. We know that having something explained to you using unfamiliar acronyms and jargon can be very frustrating.

So how can we minimize these miscommunications? The truth is, this gap in communication will always exist. Fortunately, there are a few things that can be done to make these situations go more smoothly.

As a customer, remember that your locksmith is attempting to help you in your situation and is trying to listen and learn as much as possible as to not replicate the previous issue. Don’t be afraid to ask and learn about the information they give you. You may be able to help them find the best solution for you.

As the provider, do not assume the customer knows what you are talking about. Stay patient. Also, try taking off the technician hat and put on a teachers cap. See if you can teach the customer a little bit. Even if it doesn’t help them in the “right now,” it could help them in the future, and it could even help you in the long run if you are contracted or hired by them again. Teaching is also a good way to build a relationship with the customer and can end up improving communication down the road.

One last thing for both sides is to simply keep calm as best as possible. Try these few tips and see what happens. The outcome might just surprise you.



Written by: Victor DesPlas



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