Technology now fighting Crime in a New Way


Written by Tony Gallo, Sapphire Protection

Internal theft is on the rise and a trend of great concern.  Some internal theft is being driven by the decentralization of the retail industry, potentially leading to an owner’s or manager’s loss of familiarization with specific store locations.

Many retailers are addressing internal theft by inventory tagging and adding covert cameras that link video recordings to cash register transactions. 
For example, if an employee has a high percentage of voided or cancelled cash transactions, the manager can search the database and see if the customer actually left the store with the merchandise.

Retailers are also looking to upgrade or install new radio frequency identification (RFID) tag systems to help combat theft. RFID tags enable the identification of goods leaving the store, while showing exactly where each piece of merchandise is located. 
RFID technology continues to advance and enables owners or managers to more easily identify losses in the store.


For more information on new video surveillance technology for your location, please contact Tony Gallo at Sapphire Protection.


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