SHOT Show Exhibitor Shanghai Baolie Sets Other Gun Safes Ablaze


In case you missed it, the SHOT Show (Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show) had their annual exhibit this past month from January 19-22. Among the many educational seminar programs they offer which are conducted by leading industry specialist is their exhibit.

This year there was a mad rush to one booth in particular. Ben Xu from Shanghai Baolie (pronounced “shang-hi bow-lee”) displayed a unique take on gun safes. One that piqued the attention from some of the major manufacturer. The booth was swarming with intrigue, to say the least.

A TL30 Rated Gun Safe

Most gun safes that you will find from your typical manufacturers are made of layers of sheet rock wrapped in sheet metal. These safes will work perfectly in keeping your kids out, but not the criminals. Any thief can log on to YouTube and learn how to get into a gun safe these days.

It’s also common to think that simply having a gun safe will deter smash-and-grab druggies from putting the effort into attacking your safe but this generalization unfortunately is not the case. Once a burglar has entered your home, he will do whatever he needs to do to get away with as many sellable assets as he can, and guns are a hot market.

What is the Significance of TL30

The “TL” in TL-30 signifies a tool attack. The tools permitted for use in the attack include common hand tools, picking tools, mechanical or portable electric tools, grinding points, carbide drills, pressure applying devices, abrasive cutting wheels and power saws.

Underwriter Laboratories utilizes two of their own professional technicians during every attack and the attack time (30) represents only that time in which the attack is physically in progress. Resting periods, time needed to change tools, bits, blades or time to reposition are examples of “down time” and are not considered part of the 30 minute attack.

Before U.L.’s technicians ever begin to attack the safe, the safe manufacturer must provide them with a complete set of production blueprints. The technicians also fully inspect the safe to gain a thorough understanding of the equipment and devices incorporated in the design.

If the time ever comes that your home is burglarized, which safe would you want protecting your arsenal?


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