• BF 8030

Panic Room Door

Panic Room – BF8030

The BF 8030 Panic Room Door transforms a room into a high-security center with an added electronic lock.that can be opened from the inside. Inside your panic room you can secure:

• Family and Loved Ones,
• Firearms,
• Family heirlooms,
• Business and family records,
• Jewelry and
• Works of art

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Product Description

The BF8030 Panic Room Door has the following features:

• Retrofits a standard 80” x 30” opening.
• Adjustable door frame slides together to fit a wall thickness of 4.75” to 9.75” vault room from inside.
• Defense barrier constructed of 2” thick doors with a .5” steel door plate.
• Extreme heat barrier with two-stage, dual fire seals with silicone seal on door jamb.
• 10, 1.5” chrome-plated locking bolts.
• U.L. Group II lock with hard plate and emergency relocking devices that fire when under attack.
• Safety Lock Release allows you to safely exit your panic room from the inside.
• Spy proof key locking dial available in multiple finishes.
• 5-point handle available in polished brass, chrome or black nickel finish.