Pawn Shop Attacked After Alarm Wires Cut


“They cut all the communications and they had smashed all of the burglar surveillance equipment”, Braxton said with a tinge of repulsion and anger in his voice.

Braxton Roberts Sr. and Braxton Roberts Jr. arrived at their Pawn Shop November 15th to find their store in absolute upheaval after burglars had entered their store and cleaned out anything they could get their hands on.

“Our alarm company really let us down.  After the alarms were cut, they came in through the roof and through the ceiling.  They couldn’t get through the door of the office so they broke through the sheet rock.  It’s an absolute mess,” Braxton continued. “They smashed all of our surveillance equipment; the DVR was destroyed”.

The thieves broke showcases to steal phones and electronic equipment.

How were they going to explain to their clients that their loans were gone?

When Braxton Jr. and Sr. arrived at their Rolland PawnSystem, where they secured the pawn loans, they were incredibly relieved.  It had been attacked, but not penetrated.  The burglars had used grinders and high-powered tools to blast into the Rolland PawnSystem, even breaking through the concrete, but had given up when they reached the drawers inside.  The Rolland PawnSystem defended the loans. Braxton Jr. chuckled as he said “you can even use our story for promos!”.

Braxton Sr. and Jr. are shaken up and angry.  They have a lot to clean up and insurance claims to file.   But because of their Rolland PawnSystem, the Roberts family does not have to explain to customers that their pawn loans are gone.   They kept their client’s trust and their business in a Rolland PawnSafe.   In closing, Braxton exclaimed “Customer merchandise is what we really worry about, but the Rolland PawnSystem really did its job!”

Thank you to the Roberts for allowing us to tell their story.   If you would like more information about how the Rolland PawnSystem can protect your store, please call one of our security experts at 1.800.225.2984 or email


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