ISA – Randi Parker


Congratulations to Randi Parker, winner of this week’s inspired service award!

This week we had three nominations for the potential ISA winner, all for the exact same person!

When one of our Rolland team members had to step out last week for a family emergency, Randi stepped in with a great attitude and helped out wherever she could. Her work has really given everyone here a strong impression of her team-player attitude.

Here is what a few of Randi’s team members had to say:

“She is a bright young lady and has a good future here at Rolland with her “go get it done” mentality”

“She anticipates what is needed and does it with a smile and quick wit.”

One of our clients even commented on the fine work Randi has done:

“We had more than several issues where we needed help and Randi did a great job in getting the resolutions we needed.”

Thank you for all of your hard work, Randi!


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