The Most Common Pawn Security Mistake


For pawn shop owners, protecting their employees, their clients, and their loans is a top priority. But sometimes owners may not know the best practices for security in the industry, no matter how much they want to keep their shop safe. So what is most common pawn security mistake that these owners should be looking out for?

Relying too heavily on Security Cameras

While security cameras are an important necessity in any Pawn Shop, too many pawn shop owners believe too heavily that these cameras will keep their store protected. Cameras are great for keeping honest people honest. This means they can help deter internal theft from employees, and can even help to prevent some customers from getting sticky fingers. This being said, no Pawn Shop should be relying on Security Cameras as a primary security measure for their store. First, while cameras may deter these smaller crimes, they can do nothing to stop criminals from entering your store, and they can do nothing to protect your employees, clients, or loans.

Think of an armed robbery. How easy would it be for a criminal to inhibit a camera from getting a full, clear view of his face? Even if you could get a clear view of his face, are you sure he would be able to be identified and found later on? Cameras can only watch, and they cannot stop the robber from making off with hundreds or thousands of dollars’ worth of cash and loans.

Think of an overnight burglary. In many cases, burglars will cut the power to alarms and camera systems, rendering these technologies useless. While these technologies are important, criminals have the ability to break into a store anyways. Once inside, will your cash and loans be safe?

It is important to remember that while security cameras are important, they are not a cure-all, or even a cure-most for the security of a Pawn Shop. Among other things, it is also essential to have a properly-rated safe for your shop that will keep your cash and other valuables safe. A safe with time lock and time delay will even help to maximize the security of your shop.

As security experts in the industry, we offer our services to help you analyze and maximize the security of your Pawn Shop, so that you can avoid loss and be free to prosper and grow. If you have any questions about what you can do to keep your shop secure, please email Tony Gallo at or call 214.845.6838.



Written by: Krysten Demster



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